A New Day

Steve Froehlich just came into my office and said “Just write the blog and don’t come out until you’re done!” and shut the door behind him.  And I’m his boss!

I used to blog often – almost everyday.  That was back around the time I was beginning to discover how to train BOSU® – Both Sides Utilized – most effectively.  I think those posts are somewhere on an old server, will have to go back and read them which would be fun.  Anyway, I’ve spent the past several years Programming my body with Both Sides Utilized Training.  Because it is so effective as a Foundation for Better Movement (Balance is the Underlying Foundation for Everything), I now have incredible capabilities with my body.  It is very cool teaching a guy like Drew Brees the fundamentals of BOSU® Training – and having him recognize the value and begin to Program it in himself.

One of my greatest passions in life has been athletics.  I’m a complicated individual with many diverse interests, so I’m not your typical jock – but I spent years being a typical jock prior to evolving beyond that.  My point is I know BOSU® Training works because I can feel it.  And now that I can feel it, I can truly understand it in logical terms according to the structure and function of the human body.  Athletes who have the desire to be the best they can be simply cannot do without BOSU® Training to realize their full potential, this I know.

There are people out there like LeBron James who inherently understand BOSU® principles in their movement to a great extent.  They can do naturally what others now have the ability to train.  Will you ever be as good an athlete as LeBron? Probably not.  But will you be the best athlete You can be?  That is the real question you should consider.

As for the rest of my first blog, I’ll leave you with this…

A story, a behind the scenes look at my business.  I had hired a social media guy (James Hickey) who has been Tweeting for me.  Truth is I had not even looked at what he was doing until yesterday when a man named John came to my office (we’re working on a big project, which is very exciting) and showed me my BOSU® Twitter account.  I saw “my” posts and could see I’d personally only done one or two; the rest were product plugs.  My poor soc media guy is trying to do the best he can, but only I can Tweet what’s on my mind – things of genuine interest for people who want to follow me.  Sorry!… to my soc media guy and to You.

I promise that my Tweets will be my own.  I really think this will help me share my message and want to have fun doing it… being myself.

Now for some exciting news!  I’m going to New York City March 18-21 to go to the ECA Fitness Conference where I will be presenting Rolling Ropes with the AMAZING Petra Kolber on Saturday morning, the 20th of March.

I used to live in NYC for almost 10 years.  My brother lives there and I’ve rented an apt. just around the corner from his place.  We’re going to have a fun trip.  I’m also scheduling a session in Central Park at the Bandshell (middle of the park around 72nd Street) on Sunday.  Haven’t set a time yet, so be on the look out for that, or better yet, reach back out to me and let me know what time you’d want to come Sunday.  This will be free and I promise you will leave with knowledge that can change your life.

Time to open my office door.  Thanks Steve!

David Weck (DW)

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