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David Weck


David Weck

David Weck - CEO, Founder, Inventor

All my life I have loved to exercise and explore better ways to get more from my training.  I've been called a "mad genius" (fortunately it was said as a complement) and also a "visionary" in the fitness world.  I'm certainly not afraid to think outside of the box which has led to some profound discoveries like creating the BOSU® Balance Trainer, other innovative products I've developed, and now what I am most proud of - Both Sides Utilized Training.

My passion for enhancing my sports performance dates back to the moment I hit puberty and my testosterone began to flow.  I used to spend hours at the library combing through microfilm (this was before the internet) researching various training techniques and the latest science in sports training.  The weightroom was like a second home for me in high school and in college.

I'm a voracious reader and used to be a full fledged anatomy & physiology geek.  I draw tremendous influence from the works of Moshe Feldenkrais, Ida Rolf, and F.M. Alexander, all of whom were pioneers in somatic (body) education.  I've continued to expand my knowledge in diverse areas including Traditional Chinese Medicine and Tai Chi Chuan.

I've been fortunate to have studied or worked with many incredible teachers, coaches, and mentors all of my life and still to this day.

I credit Dean Brittenham for turning me onto the importance of training ambidexterity - which is at the heart of Both Sides Utilized Training.

Dean's son Greg, who coaches for the New York Knicks, told me, "you've got to meet my dad" when I first met him back in early BOSU® days.  For years, Dean has had his athletes perform coordinative drills, like juggling for example, to promote ambidexterity and stimulate better balance and flow within the body/brain to enhance athletic performance.  And Dean has trained some of the world's best from a wide range of sports.

I began to experiment with ambidexterity training after meeting Dean and soon thereafter created a training tool called the Quick Hands Bola™ Trainer.  I also began to experiment with visual training drills during this time.  Training my hands and my eyes, which I had never done as a younger athlete, began opening new doors for me athletically.  I also dramatically increased my ability to read fast with comprehension during this time.

I don't lift heavy weights like I used to very often these days.  But I perform exercises with ropes and sticks/bars that most "stronger guys" simply can't handle - because they don't train the way I do.  As a result, my movements are fluid and my strength is spiral in nature.

I invite you to train with me and make more athletic progress than you ever imagined possible.

Best in health,

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David Weck

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